On-Demand Transportation: Primed for Growth

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This is part 2 of our Mobile, On-Demand series. (Part 1)

The rise of on-demand mobile services has been called the “uberification of the service economy” by Steve Schlafman of RRE and rightly so. The rapid growth of Uber has been a major driver in the complete embrace of this business model by the venture capital community. Thus, it’s only right that we start this series with an eye toward transportation.


(Credit: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-on-demand-economy-2014-7)

Transportation continues to be the center of on-demand activity and is the most mature of the on-demand sectors. In my research of >100 on-demand transportation startups, I have found a number of complex factors for the trends that we are seeing today, but for this part of the series, I will keep it high level. Rather than dive deep into specific issues, which we plan to do in the following posts, I thought the best way for me to share about consumer, on-demand transportation…

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