The Dark Side of Public Relations

It makes so much sense now! How to deal with a PR attack on your journalistic piece, as told by Vader’s PR rep. LOL

Land of Oak and Iron


“Yes Hello.  Am I speaking to Mr Jonathan Kent?”

“You are.”
“Mr.Kent, my name is Skylar Dutt and I’m the head of public affairs at the Order of the Sith Lords.  I’m ringing about a piece you wrote a couple of weeks ago.  You happened to mention one of our better known members…”

“Uh huh.”

“A Mr. Darth Vader.  You may recall the piece.”

“Can’t say we’ve actually met, but I have written about him, yes.”
“Indeed. Well I need to tell you that we have some issues with the comments about Mr Vader and we’re going to be seeking a retraction.”

“OK.  I think we’d better start by establishing exactly which comments you feel warrant a retraction.”

“Well you use the phrase in the piece ‘he has all the moral authority of a Darth Vader’.”

“I did.”

“Well Mr Vader, if I may speak frankly, feels somewhat slighted. …

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