The Cost Of Broadcasting Intimacy: Modern Relationships In A Digital Age

Truer words have never been Tweeted

Thought Catalog

No one ever told me that a thousand of my closest friends would be notified when I got my heart broken. No one ever warned me that the hot flush of shame would accompany my deepest lacerations of the heart. But with the onslaught of tiny pink hearts, hundreds of my “friends” (and his) got the news that after four years, the strain of transitioning to college had proven too much for us. 

So goes the narrative of many a millennial relationship. 

For those of us who grew up in the era of Facebook, there seems to be an almost inescapable pressure to establish the legitimacy of relationships by broadcasting them on social media — even at the expense of personal happiness. People are constantly trying to build loving, fulfilling partnerships, but if these relationships are not publicly displayed on Facebook, suspicion arises as to how committed two people truly…

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